Building on top of an app called Repsly, we’ve created automation and visualisation tools to give customers the power to view how well we’ve executed on in-store retail plans. For example, if there was an instruction to install point-of-sale marketing material, this technology would help our partners and us understand execution progress. The progress is available for viewing in two formats, one via an online dashboard and the other via an automatic and weekly PowerPoint presentation for quick, easy and effective access to visuals and commentary.


Built in-house by iRam developers, this handy tool is used by merchandisers and stock counters. It provides effective means for time and attendance tracking and can also be used to upload pictures and comments to an online picture portal, which becomes an online repository, so our partners can see pics and comments on store merchandising. iRam can also create hashtags for partners, enabling them to view grouped and filtered content, especially around promotions or ad hoc execution requests.  As well as being available in an online portal, the images, comments and tags are exportable and available in automated PPT feedback.  The PowerPoint presentations are pushed to our clients on a weekly basis.



At iRam, we believe that knowledge is power. We have our own in-house-built online training portal, iRam Campus, which hosts training material on suppliers’ products. Beyond simply hosting content, we’ve also pioneered a way of gamifying knowledge acquisition: team members complete quizzes on the content they have accessed, and the Campus generates a leader-board detailing the quiz scores for each body of content. The iRam Campus also houses the iRam Knowledge Bank, through which our team members can constantly brush up on their understanding of all retail terminology. This then gives them the edge when they’re in store, leading to a better experience for our partners and for consumers. 

The score on the Campus is used for each team member for remuneration purposes as an aide to incentivise them.