Stock that has aged in stores is of no use to our partners or to the retailer: it takes up valuable retail space and cash, and complicates future ordering. Our team members are trained to return aged stock to suppliers, but also crucially to discern between aged stock which is eligible for return, and damaged or display stock, which is not. Using this unique process, iRam saved Bosch Power Tools more than R1 million in the 2017 retail year. Our systems and procedures enable our partners to lower their liability and improve their scorecard with the major retailers. 

Subsequent to the return of stock to our partners’ warehouses, we supply a report to them to indicate what was returned, what was damaged or otherwise could not have been returned and what was display stock. These reports are generated monthly and available online too. 

Missing stock that was not found while attempting to collect it during the upliftment process, is then written off, thereby closing the loop and reducing further the liability of our partner.