Data, as it exists in raw form is unworkable. We clean the raw, sell-out data we receive from the retailer and then create a guiding document that works as a conduit between retailer and supplier. Programmatically, we join these pieces of information, so that we can create insights that reveal stock incongruencies and information relating to range. For example, no retailer provides insights based on a suppliers’ categories. The guiding document breaks the range into recognisable categories that the suppliers use already for internal measurement. This way, it is easier to create a connection between sell-in and sell-through. 

Weekly insights help to streamline stock-holding. From a sales and inventory perspective, we can reveal to partners immediately whether their account is up or down with a retailer, and then empower them to generate insights at a granular level, so they have information about a particular product in a particular store or any subset of information in between. Our industry-leading dashboard enables them to better manage their range, determine what about their strategy is working and what isn’t, and tactically shift accordingly.